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Swashbuckling Planets

sci-fi, sword and planet, sword and sorcery, tabletop rpgs


AI Art Stance

Now that I know how AI ‘art’ does things, this is my stand on it: Therefore, since I have quite a few artist friends and am getting to know more artists, I’m going to pledge that when I need illustrations, I’ll get them, or some other artist who fulfills my requirements. But humans, not robots.

Swarm Time on Maruzar in HFQ #54!

I seem to be set to close the year with a bang. My story Swarm Time on Maruzar has been released on Heroic Fantasy Quarterly #54, sharing the TOC with celebrated sword and sorcery author Howard Andrew Jones. It’s a double honor, since this is also a return for me to the first magazine to…

Track of the Snow Leopard: First Review!

First review of Track of the Snow Leopard spotted in the wild, on Goodreads! And it’s a five star! Woo hoo! The detailed review is by Richard Fisher, who also reviewed Swords of the Four Winds earlier on DMR Books.

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