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Swashbuckling Planets

sci-fi, sword and planet, sword and sorcery, tabletop rpgs


Writer. Gamer. Game designer. Photographer. History buff. Spice addict.

Hi there! I’m Dariel, ageless lover of swashbuckling tales set under alien skies. I hope someday to earn the second R to my initials, like Tolkien and Martin …

You can find some of my works at:

Amazon KDP
Heroic Fantasy Quarterly
Philippine Speculative Fiction

Magazine work:

I’ve contributed articles and/or photographs to: Manila Bulletin (Picture Perfect section), Digital Photographer Philippines (senior lead writer 2007-2011), Working Mom magazine, Expat Philippines magazine, Zee Lifestyle Cebu, Cultural Center of the Philippines’ Encyclopedia of Philippine Art, Cebu Pacific Smile, and Lonely Planet Philippines.

Get in touch with me …

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