Finally! Just released Wastelanders of Maruzar, the pilot issue of my Swords of Maruzar ‘zines, on! Will be putting it up on DTRPG soon, too. The zine is 54 pages, and contains a complete sword and planet role-playing game set in the Drylands of Maruzar. Further planned issues will also contain complete core rules, and feature other regions and peoples of Maruzar.

The game uses Vivid+, a system I designed for easy learning and GMing, and a free-wheeling cinematic play style. Players are encouraged to be creative and describe their actions to get more Free Dice. Roll Free Dice + optional Effort Dice and add up the two highest. Rolls are player-facing (GM’s don’t have to roll), and only six-sided dice are used.

Damage and other consequences of failure are handled in a signature cinematic style in which players spend points of Guts, Wits or Luck to describe their characters having close calls instead of tracking numbers.

Check it out! Or view the sampler PDF here!