Sharing Oliver Brackenbury’s excellent podcast site, So I’m Writing a Novel, where he does interviews of authors and editors in the sword and sorcery scene. There’s a really nice interview of Sword and Soul guru Milton Davis, and just this Valentine’s Day yours truly got featured too! Listen to Oliver and me chatting about Swords of the Four Winds, using Asian history and mythology as foundations for S&S tales, and the art and craft of writing S&S fiction here!

Art by Raymund Bermudez for Swords of the Four Winds: The Unholiness at Zogurthang

Some things I wish I’d been able to mention in the interview but didn’t:

  • My admiration for David Gemmell and his psychological take on sword and sorcery and antiheroes;
  • The sword and sorcery tales of Tanith Lee (Cyrion, The Birthgrave, The Vis Series);
  • More about Karl Edward Wagner — but then Oliver had already interviewed Jordan Smith of the Dark Crusade;
  • The art of Esteban Maroto and other artists whose S&S tales were featured in the Warren magazines;
  • Using Gothic Rock to send my mind into the dark state I need to cook up an S&S story;*

*I mentioned jazz, which for me isn’t about inspiring the content of my writing but helping me stay focused. But when I need to enter the darkness, I listen to Sisters of Mercy, The Mission, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Dead Can Dance, etc.