Maruzar Visual Aids

Work continues on Swords of Maruzar, and good friend Marc has promised (threatened?) to bug me every weekend to finish Warrior of the Lost Age. In the meantime, we’ve been playing Swords of Maruzar online through Google Meet, which I’ve been having a lot of fun with, and at the same time I’ve been making a Warband mod based on Maruzar.

Part of that’s to satisfy my itch to adventure on an exotic alien planet, and part because I’m planning to use the 3D models and screen caps as visual aids for my players and eventually, should I ever be able to afford the art, to give to the artists as pegs. I’ll be archiving the screen caps, and hopefully also announce the release of the Warband mod before Christmas, here.

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Trying to write simple, powerful stories, hopefully well-told. One day I'll earn the second R to my initials like Tolkien and Martin ...

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