More Thematic Event Lists

Looks like the idea of thematic event lists is working well for me, it’s spurring a lot more ideas and led to the creation of some new creatures and world details. Here’s a preview of my new lists:

Art by Ellie Cooper on Artstation

Along the Spice Roads

  • In a busy city street, a huge gorgoront suddenly goes berserk, throwing its rider and rampaging through the panicked crowds. This is more likely during festivals when fireworks and other loud noises abound. What if the accident was not an accident?
  • You join a Keshai Truce Fair, but find enemies there. Can you avoid breaking the truce?
  • This tribe or settlement invites the party to join a colorful festival. What do you perform for it?
  • Needed supplies or goods are proscribed and only available through the black market.
  • A local Azhir noble becomes enamored of a non-Azhir party member. However, this city’s Jerdun and his lords are obsessed with purebloodedness.
  • The PCs are summoned to an audience with this city’s Jerdun. Once there, they find a Spaceclan trader, envoy or scientist who wants (1d6): 1) the PCs to hand over an artifact or reveal secret information; 2) to accompany them to their next destination for study purposes; 3) to take them to a ruin and help search for an artifact; 4) the party to hunt down and bring back a dangerous creature alive; 5) the party to track down a planetized Spaceclan scientist who’s disappeared or gone renegade; 6) the PCs thrown into the arena to die for crimes against his House.
  • On a clear summer night, the PCs are invited to a ring-viewing party atop a noble’s tower or a nomad chief’s camp. There’ll be drinking, impromptu poetry contests, and chances for intrigue, diplomacy, or romance. How will you participate?
  • While enjoying the mixed public baths, a party member accidentally gets into trouble. Roll 1d6: 1) Insults a noble, prominent citizen, or hot-headed nomad; 2) Takes the wrong clothes/purse on leaving; 3) Overhears plotters planning a sinister deed; 4) Gets into a perilous romantic liaison; 5) Mysteriously
    disappears; 6) Takes the wrong clothes/purse on leaving, and finds a stolen item or dangerous secret hidden there.
  • Because in this city the dead are fed to lizardharpies instead of immolating them by focused sunbeams, lizardharpies are protected by law. They’re considered dangerous vermin everywhere else. A player character is provoked by the city’s over-bold lizardharpies.

Alien Infestation

  • A swarm of hungry vaspid hatchlings emerges from the beneath the ground.
  • An enormous moon spider, laden with hungry hatchlings, drops upon the party.
  • Carnivorous zoas descend upon your campsite in the night, menacing the party with a net of stinging or strangling tentacles.
  • You find a native fruiting cactus infested by alien fungi, turning it into a carnivorous creature. How does it try to entrap you and what do you do?
  • Desperate nomads ask the party’s aid to clear an oasis of infestation. All-out war against a pocket of alien jungle and every living thing in it. Failure means these nomads have nowhere to stay or get water in the coming dry season.
  • A swarm of incendiary hell moths rises from the alien vegetation. They will try to burn a party member then lay eggs in the burnt flesh.

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