Thanks to fellow pulp author Davide Mana for the first review of Swords of the Four Winds! Here’s a capsule of his review:

sofw-cover“I’m currently reading – and very much enjoying – Dariel R.A. Quiogue’s Swords of the Four Winds, a highly satisfying collection of sword & sorcery stories set in the East.

The ebook lines up eleven stories which remind me of the classic Robert E. Howard and Michael Moorcock tales which I read as a kid, with a dash of Karl Edward Wagner to spice the lot.

Quiogue’s adventurers are tough, competent and ruthless, with that shard of nobility that is both their redeeming feature and the reason why they get involved in so many adventures.

The stories have it all – dark sorcery, huge battles, duels, escapes, beautiful women in need of help, ancient cities and strange legends coming alive.”

You can catch the rest, and read about Mana’s own stories as well, at his blog, Karavansara. This review came as such a delightful surprise, by the way (he purchased the book blind, i.e. I didn’t know him before this), that I promised Mana a free copy of Swords of the Four Winds Volume II!